For the first time in a long time…

My heart aches. And Iā€™d rather it stop beating, than carry the weight.

This isn’t like me.

I’m missing someone so much right now it hurts. (Let me just say something I do not believe in romantic love). I don’t miss people usually, most the time I ignore texts. But karma is a bitch!

Right now there’s a girl who I just can’t get out of my head. Maybe it’s that honeymoon phase but I miss her so much. I’m trying not to be needy which isn’t like me at all. My heart is heavy.
As if my heart was the god Atlas trying to bare the weight of the sky(world).

We only talked a little this morning…. So why the fuck am I feeling (in general). I don’t feel, I hate feelings. I don’t want to feel anything period. If anybody reads this I wouldn’t mind just a little feedback.